LAWA fully supports the NSPCA’s resistance to the export of livestock by seas to overseas destinations. Most of those livestock will suffer on ships and will then be handled, transported and slaughtered in often unacceptable conditions described in the document(Export of Livestock by Ship) and not in accordance with the various South African livestock welfare codes developed by the LWCC, and of which some were later published as SABS SANS standards.

It is the 40% tariffs on international meat trade that is restraining the international export of chilled and frozen meats from taking off. And it is the 0% tariff on livestock that created the tremendous profit opportunity to preferably export animals live. This tariff matter will have to be solved by equilizing tariffs of meat and livestock, preferably at zero. Countries won’t lose much tariff revenue because tariffs on meat had been largely avoided by exporting animals live. Alternatively tariffs on meat and livestock can be balanced at a level where countries won’t lose any tariff revenue.

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